Reunion Tours/Activities

Mt. Rushmore Lighting Ceremony
This tour lasts 4 1/4 hours and allows ample time for viewing, enjoying an evening meal on your own and the Patriotic Lighting Ceremony at the close. Following a 10-minute talk and a 20-minute film the highlight of the evening is the slow exposure of light to the monument until it is fully illuminated. A tribute to veterans follows.


The Heart of the Hills

This tour is 6 3/4 hours in length.  Leaving the hotel in the morning the bus will travel to the Prairie Berry Winery located in the Black Hills. Following a stop there,  it’s on to Hill City where, you may explore the downtown area and have lunch on your own. After lunch, the group will board the 1880 Train for a one-way ride through the countryside featuring some mining history and views of Custer State Park. There is a short break after arriving in Keystone before returning to the  hotel.

Delta-01 Launch Control Center and Delta-09 Launcher (Cactus Flat) -

On this tour you will see remnants of the Cold War: an underground launch control center and a missile silo. The Minuteman System once contained a 1.2 megaton warhead atop a solid fuel missile. Had it been necessary to launch, missiles would have been capable of reaching their targets via the polar icecap in thirty minutes. The sites are located off I-90 traveling east from Wall, SD in the Badlands National Park area.

South Dakota Air & Space Museum -

On display at the museum are numerous aircraft including a B1B Lancer, B-52D Stratofortress and  an EC-135A, tail number 61-0262, a PACCS aircraft of which a number of members are very well acquainted. Some of the other historic aircraft that are found there are a  B-25 Mitchell, B-29 Superfortress C-47 Skytrain, and a C-54 Skymaster among the more than twenty-five airplanes on display.

Ellsworth Air Force Base -

Home to the 28th Bomb Wing of the Air Combat Command’s Twelfth Air Force, the base is one of only two Air Force Installations that hosts the supersonic, B1B Lancer. A guided tour of the base will take place. (Driver's license or military ID required and you must supply your date of birth.)