Who Are SAC ACCA Members?

SAC ACCA members come from all over the United States and other countries. Some are active duty, some are veterans and most are retired. Some served in PACCS for a few years while others made PACCS most or all of their entire career. As civilians, most had civilian careers beyond their Air Force service. Members served in the full range of specialties involved with PACCS: Pilots, navigators, boomers, avionics maintenance, radio operations, crypto operations and battle staff. Battle staff members included specialists in operations, emergency actions, missile launch, communications, intelligence, planning and logistics. Within their specialty areas, all personnel were constantly subject to SAC's high standards for performance - exacting, but necessary.

Some of us spent countless hours on alert and, primarily for the people at Offutt AFB, many hours airborne, boring holes in the sky over the Midwest at 26,000 feet. While airborne, the aircraft maintained the extensive communications links necessary to provide SAC's survivable command control. Every 8 hours for over 29 years, an aircraft launched to relieve the aircraft on station, continuing to maintain that command control.

SAC ACCA's Bylaws, along with a brief history of both SAC and PACCS, are available on this site. There is also a membership application for those who wish to join.

Here's a short (and old) video showing some of what the Looking Glass mission involved: (Notice that this is prior to the Airborne Launch Control System (ALCS).)

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