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SAC ACCA Purpose

SAC ACCA was organized to celebrate the legacy of the Strategic Air Command's Post Attack Command Control System (SAC PACCS), a capability that, for over 29 years, provided continuous survivable airborne command control for SAC's nuclear forces. As a result, the Cold War didn't just end, it was won and PACCS was a key component of that victory. You can find a more detailed history of both SAC and PACCS under the "About Us" tab on the menu.

Our Aircraft

There were a variety of aircraft flying the PACCS mission over the years, but the bulk of the mission was flown by EC-135 aircraft of various configurations. All had one thing in common- the venerable Boeing 707 airframe, militarized as the C-135.  The majority of C-135 airframes were KC-135s, SAC's first jet air-to-air tanker, still the primary Air Force aircraft performing that role. There were many other types, with the EC-135 command and control aircraft our focus. There were several models of the EC-135 flown through the years, but the EC-135C was the one designated to fill the SAC Airborne Command Post role, commonly known as "Looking Glass" to those who were familiar with the aircraft and its mission. Other versions included the EC-135A, EC-135G and EC-135L. "C" models were assigned to Offutt AFB, Ellsworth AFB and Grissom AFB. Other models of the EC-135 included J and P models used as the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP) and the airborne command posts for the US Pacific Command (USPACOM) and the US European Command (USEUCOM).

This Web Site

SAC ACCA has maintained a Web site for several years to provide members with information that the SAC ACCA officers and members feel would be of value to both members and visitors alike, and suggestions, comments and questions are always welcome.   One primary area of interest right now is the restoration of EC-135C, Tail Number 63-8049. You can read more about this effort in recent newsletters. This Web site is always a work in progress in our attempts to keep our members informed and up-to-date.